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Retail bags describe any bags that are used in the retail trade. A broad term, it includes a wide range of bags that may be involved in any part of the retail process, including carrier bags, produce bags, display bags and gift bags.

Here are some of the more common retail bags and some information about the purpose they serve in the retail environment.

Carrier bags

The most common form of retail bag, carrier bags are used by retailers all over the world to provide their customers with a means of transporting their goods away from the store.

Carrier bags, or carriers as they are often known, can be made in a variety of styles and from a wide range of polythene. The most popular carriers, used traditionally by supermarkets, are lightweight, vest style carriers made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Other retailers may choose to provide a different type of carrier, depending on a number of factors, including the type goods they are selling and the profile/exclusivity of the store.

Here are some of the more commonly used types of carrier bags:

Vest carriers - the classic economy carrier bag, popular with supermarkets and grocery stores. Made from high density polythene and available in a range of colours. Two arms stretch up from the main body of the bag, which looks like a vest, giving the bag its name.

Patch handle bags - another classic carrier, used in many department stores. Stronger and smarter than vest carriers, allowing for a greater load. Handles are cut out from each side of the bag and reinforced with a patch of extra polythene, giving this bag its name.

Clip close carriers - another level up on the design and style front, these premium carriers are made from thicker polythene and feature two smart plastic handles with strips running across the top of the bag that fasten together to close.

Drawstring bags - another premium carrier bag, made from thicker polythene and with a string threaded around the top and side of the bag, which pulls tight to close. A trendy, casual appearance makes this bag popular with sports stores and younger consumers.

Printed carrier bags

Custom-made carrier bags, designed with a company logo, slogan, colour scheme or promotional message are a fantastic way for retailers to advertise their stores in and amongst their target market - shoppers.

As consumers carry around their shopping in carrier bags, many retailers seize the opportunity to let those carriers bags be a walking advert for their store. Not only that but, by adding company branding to their carrier bags, retailers add a professionalism stamp to their company and ensure that their customers have something to remember them buy whenever they reuse the bag.

Food / produce bags

Food bags are used by supermarkets, butchers, bakers, grocers and other food retailers to package food. Made from thin, light, high density polythene - approved for use with food - and packaged either on the roll or in handy dispenser packs, these bags can be used by the retailer themselves from the counter, or placed out amongst the shelves for customers to fill themselves.

Display bags

Display bags, as the name suggests, are used as a means of displaying products in a retail environment. Made from high clarity polypropylene which helps to make products sparkle, the main purpose of display bags is to make products as attractive as possible to customers.

Commonly used for flower sleeves, greeting card bags, candy sweet bags, CD covers and magazine cases, display bags also keep items clean and free from dust and dirt, whilst they also help to keep food and other perishables fresh.

Mailing bags

Mailing bags differ from other retail bags in that they are not used in a traditional retail environment, such as a shop. However, mailers, as they are often known, are a popular retail bag with mail order companies and internet-only stores.

Waterproof, lightweight and fitted with a simple, single use integral adhesive strip, mailing bags are easy to use and provide a very handy solution for retailers, particularly those who post out hundreds or thousands of orders every day.

Available in a range of sizes and styles - including padded mailers for when extra protection is required and secure mailers for when confidentiality is paramount - mailing bags are the retail bag of the future.

Mailing bags can also be converted into personalised printed mailers, complete with company logo or branding, for that added professional touch.

Where can I buy retail bags?

Manufacturers and suppliers of retail bags include:

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Food Bags Direct
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Paper Bags provides several alternative options to plastic bags. From the traditional take-away carrier manufactured from brown or white paper to paper display bags with a polypropylene film front.

Kraft Bags
If you are looking for a smart and biodegradable alternative to traditional polythene bags, paper bags are a great solution. stores and produces this strong, smart and eco-friendly bags. Have it the colour that most suit you or your company or have your logo printed.

Research & Resources

For further information on all kinds of retail bags, including how they are manufactured and details of the different types of retail bags available, please visit:

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Gift bags

Everyone likes buying gifts - it’s nice to make friends, family, loved ones and colleagues happy. Everyone also likes their gifts to look nice when they present them to their friend or loved-one.

Gift bags are the perfect way to improve the look of a present or gift, to jazz it up without the hassle of getting out the wrapping paper, scissors and sticky tape. Just take your present, pop it in the shiny, sparkly gift bag, write the note and you’ve got a ready-made gift!

If you’re on the way to a birthday party and have left your present until the last minute, then gift bags offer the perfect way of wrapping a gift without actually having to wrap it. In this instance, when you’re running a bit late and you’re glad just to have found a present that your friend/relative/loved one won’t hate, then it’s not worth the hassle of buying new tape and wrapping paper. Just buy yourself a gift bag and make your life easy!